Election Countdown – 35 Days…

Trump Taxes: =>>

Someone released Donald and Marla Trump’s Federal Income Tax Return without his permission.  If Marla didn’t release the report, then one or more persons may be charged with a Federal Crime.  In any case, his tax return became the major topic of current conversation today, and other topics faded.

Dr. Ben Carson and others have made several valid points:

  • Donald Trump committed no crime by taking advantage of legitimate deductions in the tax code.
  • Who in their right mind pays more income tax than necessary?  Certainly not the Clintons — nor any of their wealthy donors from Hollywood and Wall Street.
  • The unauthorized publication of his tax return by a major newspaper probably constitutes a Federal crime.
  • Trump paid millions of dollars of state and local taxes.  His employees and vendors paid millions of dollars of state, local, and federal income taxes.
  • Don’t let liberals mislead you into a “pity party for Vendors” who gambled and lost on a bankrupt business venture.  When a Vendor serves a really big business, the Vendor knowingly takes risks in hopes of making huge profits.  The chance that a big business goes bankrupt is a common risk for every Vendor.  A smart Vendor factors that into his business relationships and plans accordingly so as to limit his exposure.  That’s just a normal part of doing business in America.

We look forward to Tuesday’s Vice Presidential DebateMike Pence will do us all proud!!