HURRICANE RECOVERY DAYS:  Chatham County Republican Party is suspending activities such as Poll Watcher Training and postponing the party planned this week at the Gun Club.  We want everyone to be safe and making rapid progress toward resuming their normal lives.   We will use email and this website to provide updates when information becomes available.

CCRP Headquarters may not be open this week.  Call before visiting Headquarters:  912-927-8440 or 912-356-3800.

Voter Registration Deadline:  October 11 (Tuesday) is the current deadline for Voter Registration in Georgia.  If you haven’t voted in several years, then you should check your status on the list of Registered Voters by going to the Georgia Secretary of State’s website and going to “My Voter Page” with your Name and Date of Birth.

Misleading Hillary TV Ad:  Hillary’s campaign released a misleading video of a fake Republican (Doug) asking Republicans to put party aside and vote for her.  Doug is really a Democrat.  A background check shows that “Democrat Doug” contributed thousands to Democrats over the past fifteen years, including $1,000 to Hillary this year.  Just one more example of Hillary’s deceptive campaign.  They will say anything in order to win, and the truth doesn’t matter.