Election Countdown – 38 Days

DEBATE WATCH =>> On Friday, the Presidential Debate Commission admitted that at Monday’s Presidential Debate, something was wrong with the microphone used by Donald Trump.  Nothing was wrong with the microphone used by Hillary Clinton.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES & EVENTS =>> From now through Election Day, numerous opportunities exist to support honest Elections and all Republican Candidates.  You can match these opportunities to what you enjoy and feel comfortable doing.  Examples:  Address Trump Post Cards to Family & Friends, Attend and/or Help with a Debate Watch Party, Poll Watching, Voter Registration, Office Work at Headquarters, Roadside Waving with Candidate Signs, Door-to-Door campaigning, Phone Calls to Voters on behalf of Donald Trump, Campaign Volunteer Assisting a specific Candidate such as Sheriff Wilcher, Lori Brady, Dean Kicklighter, Dr. Felix Maher, or Senator Johnny Isakson.

To help with Donald Trump’s campaign in Chatham County, email Linda Olson:  Chatham4Trump@outlook.com

To help with any or all campaigns, you may get more information on weekdays between 10:15 AM and 6:00 PM by calling or visiting Chatham County Republican Party at:  11 East 73rd Street, Savannah, GA;  912-927-8440 or 912-356-3800.

EVENTS are listed on our website.  Use the menu bar across the top of our Home Page.