Only 87 days to go!  This week we learned that the Feds may be probing the Clinton Foundation.  We also learned that Intelligence Reports about ISIS have been altered so as to fit the Administration’s political narrative that everything is under control and that President Obama is keeping us safe from terrorism.

With less than 3 months to go, its time to get busy.  There are many ways you can make a difference — and they don’t require money.

EXAMPLE:  Do you know the difference between a “Poll Watcher” and a “Poll Worker?”

A “Poll Watcher” is an unpaid volunteer for a Party or a Candidate who watches a Voting Precinct on Election Day.  They watch for voting irregularities that may be illegal.  Before an election, either the Party or the Candidate gathers information about volunteer Watchers and then submits their names to the Chatham County Elections Board.  During the week before Election Day, Official Credentials are prepared by Election Officials and returned to the Party or the Candidate, who then issues “Official Badges & Credentials with Instructions” to the Poll Watchers.  The authorization process takes time, so don’t delay.  Call Chatham County Republican Party at  912-927-8440 and get your name and contact information on a list of volunteer Poll Watchers.

A “Poll Worker” is a paid employee of Chatham County who conducts the Election.  Honest Poll Workers are essential to fair and honest elections.  They must submit an Application in-person at the Elections Board office on Eisenhower Drive and authorize a background check.  If accepted, the Poll Worker must then be trained and assigned to a Precinct.  If you are interested, don’t delay because background checks and training take time to complete.  Call the Elections Board at 912-201-4375 or go to their office at 1117 Eisenhower Drive (back side of the building).