The 86 days until election day will go by quickly.  The media will continue to tell Republicans that we don’t stand a chance.  DON’T believe their rhetoric!!

We need Republicans to unify together for a common purpose and start to take action.  What is the common purpose—taking our country back—it belongs to the people–not the government.

Over the next few weeks we will be sending out Election Activators!!  Each Sunday we will include the list of the activities we have already shared.  We would encourage you to print the list and check off as many as you can.  Your help over the next 86 days will secure victories for Republicans in November.

Right now the critical need is “Staffing our Headquarters” with Volunteers.  Our CCRP Headquarters is located at 11 E. 73rd Street–near the Globe and next to Lucky’s Market.  We are fortunate that Chatham County Republican Party has a Headquarters that serves as a resource for all Republican candidates.  The office needs to be open 6 days a week through Election Day.  When Trump and other campaign materials arrive, we need to be available so people may visit and pick up these items.

We need people to volunteer for a 4 hour shift–one day a week–from August 29th through Election Day.  This amounts to about a 40 hour commitment spread over a 10 week period.  The time you volunteer would be an investment in your future—your children’s future—and your grandchildren’s future.

We are looking for volunteers to work during the following times:

 Monday:       2:00-6:00     (2 people needed)
Tuesday:      10:15-2:15      (1 person needed)
Tuesday:       2:00-6:00     (2 people needed)
Wednesday:  2:00-6:00    (2 people needed)
Thursday:      10:15-2:15    (1 person needed)
Thursday:      2:00-6:00    (2 people needed)
Friday:           10:15-2:15    (1 person needed)
Friday:           2:00-6:00    (2 people needed)
Saturday:      10:15-2:15    (2 people needed)
Saturday:      2:00-6:00    (2 people needed)

Sunday:         To be determined if needed

If you are able to take one of these time slots, please let us know.  We need you!   Please contact us at headquarters 927-8400 or e-mail: