Obama’s Legacy –

Hillary Clinton represents a continuation of Obama’s Legacy, and exactly what is that legacy?  President Obama made many promises when he was campaigning.  His administration has been associated with numerous scandals but never taken to task by his own Justice Department:  Fast & Furious (lost control of illegal gun sales program; Mexican cartels got the guns & US law officers died); IRS (targeting of conservative organizations); Benghazi (failed to provide adequate security for Embassy personnel & failed to send help when Embassy attacked; propaganda about a video to victims families during the Presidential campaign); Secretary of State Hillary’s Private Email Server; Ransom Paid to Iran for Hostages.   How should we categorize the Iranian Nuclear Agreement?  The deal was negotiated in secret as an Executive action, not as a Treaty, because the Senate would not approve the details of this bad deal that allows Iran to have nuclear weapons in a few years.

Economics:  Wall Street has gotten richer, but Main Street has not.  The US Labor Participation Rate has dropped 13.8 million since Jan. 20, 2009, the date that President Obama took office.  The Public Debt has grown from $10.63 trillion to $19,.38 trillion.  Home Ownership has dropped to its lowest point in 51 years.  Annual Health Insurance Premiums have risen an average of $3775.  Obamacare is falling apart because major insurance companies are dropping out of the program – and – that promise about “you can keep your doctor” was pure political hype.  Many doctors, clinics, and even hospitals are refusing to accept Obamacare insurance cards.  People are finding that they can’t even keep their hospital!  Minority Unemployment is scandalously high, particularly among young black males.  Food Stamp enrollment is up 35%.  Annual Family Income has been mostly stagnant and is still $185 less than when President Obama took office.

Security:  The Southern Border is an absolute mess.  The President has pulled Border Agents back from the front lines and stopped construction of border walls.  Thus, unvetted, uncontrolled immigration continues unchecked.  The President has used fees from legal immigrants and new US Citizens to pay for expenses related to settling unvetted Syrian refugees in the U.S.  Those refugees are placing serious financial stress on state and local educational and welfare systems – without federal compensation.  The President underestimated the danger of ISIS (or ISIL) from the outset, and ISIS has metastasized throughout the mid-East and Europe with deadly consequences.  Multiple domestic terror attacks, some ISIS inspired, have occurred on our homeland.  We’ve seen what the President’s “red line” in the sand means.  No longer may traditional American allies count on U.S. support if they are attacked, while Iranian, Russian, and Chinese aggression are unopposed by this administration.

Trust:  More Americans than ever before don’t trust their government, have lost confidence in the impartiality of the Justice Department, and are suspicious of statements made by the White House Press Secretary.

SUMMARY:  The average American family is less wealthy, pays more for health insurance, and is less safe than when President Obama took office.