• November 9: Saturday Monthly Membership Meeting and Breakfast
  • November 21: County Committee Meeting
  • December 5: Annual Christmas Party
  • December 14: Saturday Monthly Membership Meeting and Breakfast


Dear Fellow Republican’s,

I hope all of you were able to attend our incredible Annual Awards Dinner last month. Having the Governor, the Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, all the elected officials, and attendees that were from all parts of our community from age and color attending showed our strengths. Tara and Walt Rocker with Tytan Advertising created a very magical event for all of us. Tom Sharp won the “J. C. Lewis Republican of the Year Award” for his dedication to CCRP and I (a complete surprise to me!) won the “Volunteer of the Year Award”. I am so grateful because we have many others that could also have won it. Rachel Lundy did a great job on our Silent Auction.

We are growing and becoming a grass roots party that invites in all that believe in our basic Republican Principles. Nick Blosser is working with our District Chairmen to get them started working with their Precinct Chairmen to start organizing their Republican and Independent neighbors. We all live in a Precinct and should be helping these Chairmen.

Please come to our Second Saturday Meeting at Johnny Harris on Nov. 9. Bill Edwards will be our Speaker. Bill is our favorite Radio Personality. He will talk about his show, listeners, and how he sees Savannah Politics. Please call 927-8440 to make your reservations.” Truman will be blocked off for the Rock and Roll race so please use Waters to get to Johnny Harris Saturday Morning. Candidates from all over the State are always invited to come and meet our members.

Our next Chatham County Committee Meeting will be on Thursday, 11/21 beginning at 6:30pm. I will be sending out the call soon. Please try to attend this meeting. I know I told you last month it would be in Oct. but our Headquarters was and still is a mess with nowhere for anyone to sit. Sorry!

Some incredible CCRP members are transforming our Head Quarters. They have moved walls, created new doors, covered up doors, painted everything including ourselves. They have stripped the floor and now waiting for the new carpet that is being donated by Donald and Louise Dodsworth from their business Mill Direct Carpets. Thank God for older members, Jerry and Bonnie Loupee, Mike and Joy Povac, Tom Sharp, Howard Young, me, and Tea Partyer Don Pease. Ron Stephens and Ben Watson have given us donations to help us pay for materials. Thank you Guys! We could use your help! Please call Jerry at 656-9579 to get our work schedule.

Our new WEBSITE – www.savannahgop.com is up and running. Rachel Dodsworth, who built it for us, Doug Herman, and I are working on the Rules and Policy’s so that it will be completely safe and secure. Our new Facebook page is being filled with important events, conversations and thought provoking questions. Check it out at Facebook – Chatham County Republican Party. Like us and participate!

Our Annual Christmas Party will be on Dec. 5 starting at 6:00pm. Our Headquarters will be beautiful and this could be your first chance to see the transformation!  Please bring unwrapped toys for the Rangers Children and non-perishable food items we will donate to needy families. Everyone is also asked to bring some delicious food to share. We will provide the drinks and there maybe be some bubbly show up!

CCRP wishes all of you a Wonderful and Safe Thanksgiving!

Lis Overton
Chairman Chatham County Republican Party


First Vice Chairman – Stephen Lambeth

Second Vice Chairman – Nick Blosser and Chairman Precinct Organization Comm.
I sent a copy of the Precinct Plan to our District Chairmen that Lis received from the GAGOP. It is intended to provide a quick brief of the 2014 Victory Program.  This will outline the overall strategy of the program, the recommended responsibilities of our County Parties, the plans to offer local training programs and the timeframe for field staff members.  It also included a series of five tasks that will begin to give us a head-start over our Democrat counterparts. I will work with our District Chairs to follow this plan. I am also on the Breakfast Speakers Committee.

Third Vice Chairman – Rachel Dodsworth and Chairman Technology and Operations
I have been busy updating and modifying all of our digital accounts to ensure we have solid process and platforms for years to come. Please check out our new website at www.savannahgop.com and let us know what you think. Please feel free to call me at 720-219-6336 with any suggestions or corrections.

Treasurer – Tom Sharp
Lis asked me to prepare a 2014 Proposed Budget. I delivered it to her this week.

Secretary – Stephanie Boaen
Taking minutes at meetings

Assistant Secretary – Marianne Heimes
Back up Secretary when they are not able to attend meetings. I am on the Breakfast Speakers Committee.

Legal Counsel – Doug Herman
I am working with Lis and Rachel Dodsworth to write the rules and policy’s to insure our Social Media is secure.

Past Chairman – Carl Smith

First District Chairman – Louise Dodsworth
I am busy facing eminent domain, but in my spare time the 1st District is working to identify and organize constituents and voters. I am busy educating voters of the new primary dates and extended runoff schedule.

Second District Chairman – Drew Gorman

Third District Chairman – James Hall Chairman of Volunteerism
I’ve received the “Republicans for America” logo from Scott at Tytan Advertising. This graphic will be used as part of the CCRP t-shirt design. I am pricing the t-shirt printing. I am setting up Third District Facebook page. My District encompasses most of downtown Savannah’s Historic Area. I will post local events for CCRP members can attend to increase Republican visibility.

Fourth District Chairman – Danira Beckman

Fifth District Chairman – Charles Le Valle

Sixth District Chairman – Robert Donaldson and Chairman Community Relations Comm.
I’m meeting with Lori Brady regarding getting Precinct Chairmen and Voter Outreach and Connectivity in Sixth District. I met with Tom Barton to write newspaper column to increase voter growth in the minority communities. I am working to form our CCRP Community Relations Committee. I am organizing the CCRP Float in the Martin Luther King Parade and meeting prominent members of the black community in the churches and civic organizations.

Seventh District Chairman – Rachel Lundy
I am on the Breakfast Speaker Committee.

Eight District Chairman – Donnie Tyson
(Donnie is back in the hospital and unable to work on the District because of illness. His sister, Terry Sterling has been taking up the effort and is also Vice Chairman of the Board of Elections/Voter Registration Comm.)

Chairman, Membership Comm – Mary Ann Gephart
I am currently working with Lis, Rachel Dodsworth, and Michael Johnson to update, clean out, and create a new membership list and email mailing list.

Chairman, Headquarters and Office Procedures – Jerry Loupee
My team is working very hard renovation our Head Quarters. It looks better each day. We can use all the help we can get. Please call me at 656-9579 to assist us.

Chairman, Headquarters Operations – Howard Young
Currently the HQ is a mess. We are getting prepared for many people to come in for information and candidates handouts and signs in 2014. Please call me and volunteer to work at our HQ maybe three hours a day once a week.

Chairman, Candidate Recruitment – Eddie DeLoach
I think we have a strong candidate for School Board President but need a strong replacement for Sheriff Al St Laurence. If you have a good candidate, please call me.

Chairman, Board of Elections/Voter Registration Comm. – John Rigby
Our Committee has continued to push for Voter Registrations. We were able to recruit many volunteers who were Poll Watchers at our Election on Nov. 5. Poll Workers now receive Computer Training in addition to classes and must sign a form allowing a background check to be performed on them. This process will help eliminate fraud within our workers.  Please join us in our efforts.

Chairman, Public Relations Committee and Chairman Awards Dinner – Tara Rocker
Thank you for your support of our Awards Dinner. I’m ready to start working on our 2014 Dinner.

Chairman Social Media – Sarah Vardian
I am now able to post our messages, information, and events on our new Facebook page. Please visit it often and let us know what you think about what we are doing.

Need to contact us? Please click here.